Hi, I’m Jude & just to give you a little insight into my background.

I shall start way back when I grew up and studied in Staffordshire. I always enjoyed art and knew from a young age after painting alongside my mother at home, (she was a paintress for a local company) that I wanted a career in design. I went to Art College at Newcastle-under-Lyme then went on to study Industrial Ceramics specializing in surface pattern design at Staffordshire University. I continued to work within the ceramic industry as a designer for 15 years, working for Wade Ceramics, James Sadler and Cardew Design.

I then worked for a company called Collectible World Studios as a visualizer, which covered a broad area of design. As part of the innovation team we constantly worked on new ideas for fresh and exciting product lines. From 2006 onwards I decided to start working for myself as a freelance designer/illustrator and have been working for a wide range of companies designing a great variety of products ever since.

That is a very brief work history and needless to say whilst I have worked over the years following briefs from clients requirements, in my spare time, I have loved to sketch and paint dogs and animals as they are my passion.

As a dog owner myself, I understand only too well how every dog has such a unique personality of its own. The same can be said for any animal, so to highlight that individuality is very important to me.

There is nothing more satisfying than to capture their spirit and character within a painting or sketched study. A ‘unique’ artwork, never again to be recreated and a personal tribute to your dearly loved pet which you can treasure forever.


I have grown up having a dog around and can’t ever remember a time without having a dog in the home. My first dog was a Cairn Terrier called Sam, this was whilst I was growing up still living with my parents. What a great character he was – standing perhaps 8” high and yet had the presence of a Great Dane! He never went unnoticed or unheard! A ‘cairn’ who was truly part of the family. I have very fond memories of this little terrier with such great spirit and I’ll never forget how devastated everyone was when he finally left us, a very difficult time for all, that’s for sure.

I went on to buy my very first Scottie called Jake who was such an amazing boy, he never left my side and was (if I must admit ) a little over protective. Once he had decided he didn’t like someone he never ever changed his mind! This became a little embarrassing when a couple of the people he chose to dislike were two of my closest friends!

Since Jake I’ve been totally smitten with Scottish Terriers and now proudly belong to all the major Scottish Terrier Clubs in the UK. Our local Club being The Scottish Terrier Society, of which I am a founder member. www.scottishterriersociety.co.uk

I soon got into showing my Scotties and now have three boys, two of which I take to various shows around the country. It’s been a great experience to be part of the showing world and having the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are passionate about the breed.


I work from my studio just outside Bristol usually with two of my three Scotties in close proximity! Wilson and Doug always need to be part of the action whereas Murray my oldest Scottie at five years likes to maintain a very quiet life and will either be found sunning himself in the garden or (if it’s a little cool) he will be somewhere quiet snuggled up cosy and warm.

If you are in the Bristol area you are more than welcome to call to see me if you are interested in a commission to discuss your requirements. Just email me to make sure I’m around then I shall have the kettle on ready for you.